Crypto Projects That Have Airdrop Opportunities (April 2024)

12 Apr 2024

I would like to keep sharing the list of projects that have potential airdrops. I really try to make great efforts to maximize my chances on these projects.
Although I share this list at the beginning of each month, I try to keep it updated as much as I can throughout the month.
Please always do your own research.


  1. zkSync
  2. Linea
  3. Backpack (ref) They have both an exchange platform and a wallet on Solana. I try to use both for a potential airdrop, like JUPITER did. They have some campaigns on the exchange. I try to do txs regularly and at a remarkable volume.
  4. Scroll: You can take a look at the “SCROLL Airdrop Guide”.
  5. BASE Intract has a page called Base Onchain Compass. It may be useful to improve our on-chain metrics.
  6. Polygon zkEVM You can take a look at the “Polygon zkEVM Airdrop Guide”.
  7. Eigenlayer It is used for restaking. After staking ETH on Swell Network, I re-staked them on Eigenlayer to try to get potential airdrops for both. There are other options for restake.
  8. LayerZero You can take a look at “How Fit Are You to Receive a Potential Airdrop of LayerZero?”. The protocols can be seen in the LOscan link.
  9. Aptos Galxe tasks can be followed. Staking tokens may be helpful to maximize our chances. Moreover, it can be useful to make transactions on non-tokenized applications.
  10. Avail Project
  11. Hyperlane
  12. Zora NFT (ref) You can take a look at “A Brief Guide on ZORA.
  13. opBNB


  1. Taiko Testnet You can take a look at “Taiko Katla Testnet Guide.
  2. Swell Network It is a liquid-staking platform.
  3. BeraChain Testnet You can take a look at “Guide on BeraChain Testnet”.
  4. Przym Testnet You can take a look at “Pryzm Network Guide for a Potential Airdrop”.
  5. Fuel Network Testnet
  6. ZetaChain (ref) After the launch of the mainnet, they started a new XP campaign for the next airdrop.
  7. Bitget Wallet (Ref code: 3UwWJc)
  8. Rabby Wallet (Ref code: TRAVELER )
  9. Kroma Network Their social media accounts and Galxe can be used for new possible campaigns and activities.
  10. Frame Network They did the first airdrop. We follow Frame’s official website for potential new upcoming airdrops.
  11. Aleo Testnet
  12. X1 Testnet (byOKX)
  13. Blast
  14. Rainbow Wallet (ref)


  1. Mind Network (ref) Galxe quests can be followed.
  2. TrustaLabs (ref) We try to earn more points for potential rewards.
  3. Ethermail (ref)
  4. RedStone It is an oracle like Pyth. Being active in Discord and getting points may be useful.
  5. DMail (ref) DMail has just announced an airdrop for season 1. They have a pointing system inside the app. We’ll keep an eye on season2 airdrop.
  6. XION (ref) We are verified via email, then connect Discord & X.
  7. Mode Network (ref) The network is on the mainnet. They started a point system. For now, connecting to the website and bridging from Ethereum to Mode earns us points. For airdrop details, you can read the page at the link.
  8. Rari Chain Galxe quests can be followed.
  9. Socket Protocol
  10. zkLink
  11. LUMOZ Testnet (formerly Opside Network)
  12. Shardeum Testnet
  13. Taho Testnet
  14. Over Wallet Testnet


  1. Owlto Finance (ref)
  2. BULB (ref) It is a Solana-based social media platform, similar to Medium, that allows users to share posts and get $Bulb tokens.
  3. Etherway It is an NFT mint and bridge app on both LayerZero and Hyperlane.
  4. Cred (Invite code: PHQRI) It is on Aptos and gives points according to Aptos activities.
  5. MailZero (ref) It has a pointing system and can also be used for zkSync and Mantle Journey.
  6. Mito Finance Testnet (on Injective)
  7. Tusima Network Testnet There are active GALXE tasks.
  8. Unicorn Ultra
  9. Ultiverse (a game with invitation)
  10. Monoswap (ref, on Blast)
  11. Supra Oracles (ref) They have weekly missions to get Supra tokens.

That’s all for now.


Additional Notice

If you want to both support my efforts and interact with one more different contract on zkSync, Scroll, Linea, Base, Polygon, zkEVM, opBNB, or Zora, you can mint the NFTs below.

zkSync Era:



Polygon zkEVM:



Not official xx network NFT

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Important Notice: This material is not meant to address your specific needs; it is only for your general use and knowledge. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

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