What do you think is better: ANSYS or Solidworks?

15 Jul 2022

We use both products in our company. As mentioned in other posts, solidworks is a great CAD engine. So you need to learn solid works or a similar software such as inventor, pro-engineer etc if you want to make 3D models and create drawings. You also need a graphics engine to build the parts for analysis. Ansys does have a graphics editor but is strictly for generating models for analysis and it is not much use as a CAD engine. Now when it comes to analysis this is where ansys excels. Ansys has both FEA and CFD software which is top notch and they certainly are proud of their product as reflected in their prices. However solidworks has their own FEA software they call simulation. Its purpose is to cover basic linear elastic analysis using either solid, beam or shell elements. Solidworks also has a simple CFD package that can do simple analysis of non reacting, Newtonian, single phase fluid flow or heat transfer. It costs less then 20% of anysys Fluent /CFX.
As entry level software solidworks is very nice and easy to use. The interface between your CAD model and the FEA model is very simple and intuitive. You have some basic meshing options and for most simple mechanical design problems it is great. However if you have a nonlinear problem such as viscoelastic or plastic analysis or multi physics with electromagnetism or complex vibration or thermal interactions then hands down ansys is better.
I would suggest you learn solidworks CAD and then Solidworks simulation and once you have mastered that you could consider more advanced software. One other point is that I highly recommend you take a class and don't try and learn Simulation yourself. Solidworks is a very simple program which can make you overconfident in the results. If you don't know how to properly check and compare results then it's very easy to make mistakes. As as a minimum you should calibrate the software against know results such as from the book of Shaums to see if your methodology seems reasonable. You also need to understand all the nuances of meshing especially at sharp corners. Parts are fairly simple but assemblies can be more complex as you specify bolting or welding load transfer.
In summary solidworks is good enough for many common applications but make sure you learn how to use it properly before trusting the results.

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