How does one learn SolidWorks?

17 Jul 2022

Right way!!! .... It’s all depends on you.
Well there are several ways to learn SolidWorks
Tuition ( get admission in design institute)
Help articles & websites
Video tutorials

Start with inbuilt SolidWorks tutorials.
Complete at least one YouTube tutorial for each module. For example, join these channels on YouTube. Or look for a channel that suits you.
SolidWorks Tutorials
CAD Tutorials
GrabCAD tutorials
Try to use this knowledge in modeling something. A Lathe machine, a car, a hydraulic press etc. Look at tutorials for the steps that seem problematic to you.
Now that you have this covered, go for advanced modules like kinematic studies, structural simulation etc. Use YouTube or GrabCAD tutorials for this purpose.
Hope this helps.

If you have no information about software, then here is an intro...
SolidWorks Mechanical Design Automation software is featured based, parametric modeling design tool that helps engineers provide competitive design solutions to the mainstream market.

Modules available in SolidWorks:
Part modeling
Assembly modeling
2D Drawing
So, start learning SolidWorks, all the best!
Feel free to ask me any query about designing. I am also learning lot of from it.

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