Ecoterra: A Green Crypto Project for Recycling and Sustainability

16 May 2023

What is Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is a blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards users and companies for recycling and ecological actions. The project aims to create a circular economy that empowers users and companies to make a positive difference for the planet. Ecoterra has a native token, $ECOTERRA, that powers all the activities on the platform, such as staking, purchasing recycled materials or carbon credits, and exchanging for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

How does the Recycle2Earn app work?

One of the main features of Ecoterra is its innovative Recycle2Earn app, which is a comprehensive solution for recycling and sustainability. Users can scan the barcode of the items they want to recycle and see the reward for each item in $ECOTERRA tokens. They can also participate in ecological actions such as planting trees, using green energy, or donating to environmental causes and earn $ECOTERRA tokens. Users can find the nearest recycling center using the app’s interactive map and deposit their recyclables there. Users can then take a photo of their receipt using the app and receive their $ECOTERRA tokens in their wallet.

What are the marketplaces for recycled materials and carbon offsetting?

Another feature of Ecoterra is its marketplaces for recycled materials and carbon offsetting, where users and companies can buy and sell recyclables and carbon credits using $ECOTERRA tokens or other payment methods. Users and companies can browse, filter, and find the exact material type that suits their needs and preferences. They can also post special requests to fill orders or find unique material specifications. The marketplaces promote unity in the fight against climate change by making the purchase of recycled materials and carbon credits accessible and affordable.

Carbon credits are certificates that represent the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a certain amount. Users and companies can use carbon credits to offset their own carbon footprint or support projects that reduce emissions in other sectors or regions. The carbon offset marketplace offers a variety of projects to choose from, such as renewable energy, forest conservation, or waste management.

How does the impact trackable profile work?

Ecoterra also has an impact trackable profile that allows users and companies to track their positive impact actions and environmentally friendly practices on the Ecoterra platform. Users and companies can see their recycling statistics, ecological actions, purchased recyclables, carbon offsetting activities, and more on their profile. They can also share their profile with others to showcase their impact on climate change and create an eco-friendly brand image.

Why Ecoterra is a green crypto project worth investing in

Ecoterra is a green crypto project that offers a blockchain-based ecosystem for user rewards and company actions on climate change. Ecoterra has a native token, $ECOTERRA, that enables all the transactions on the platform. Ecoterra has an innovative Recycle2Earn app that rewards users for recycling and ecological actions. Ecoterra also has marketplaces for recycled materials and carbon offsetting, where users and companies can buy and sell recyclables and carbon credits. Ecoterra has an impact trackable profile that showcases the user’s or company’s recycling habits, preferences, and contributions to climate change mitigation.


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I think carbon credits markets and refi (regenerative finance) in general are a perfect fit for a decentralised and permission-less technology such as crypto. I'm personally staked in KlimaDAO and the Regen Network. A few other projects to look out for are: - Open Forrest Protocol - Climatecoin - Toucan Protocol - Moss Earth - C3 - Coorest's NFT Trees project A great way to keep up on this space is follow KlimaDAO and RefiDAO on social media and subscribe to their newsletters.