PocketFi: New Miner and Exchange — Free Crypto Mining (Airdrop)

18 May 2024

PocketFi is a comprehensive solution for cross-chain transfers, swaps, sniping, and copy trading. It aims to simplify DeFi interaction using Telegram and the Mini Apps platform. With PocketFi, you can exchange tokens and earn from sniping. In simpler terms, you can swap your TON tokens for ETH and more.

Project from George Lozovsky, creator of the TON Punks NFT collection:

We are not selling tokens through an ICO. Instead, we are distributing them for free based on the already launched product. No presales or roadmaps. 51% of the tokens will be distributed during this mining phase. I believe these points are must-haves for all serious products in 2024. How much will the tokens be worth? It depends entirely on the activity in the app — if on-chain activity is high, $switch will almost certainly gain significant value. Thus, by using the app, you not only mine more, but also increase the value of what you mine. George Lozovsky

We will be mining the Switch token. This is the governance token of the PocketFi DAO. It will be used to vote on adding DeFi protocols to PocketFi, incentivize the community, and much more!

During the first phase, 51% of all $switch tokens will be distributed. When you start “mining”, your account will start earning points. Mining performance will depend on the number of points. The minimum performance will be 1 $switch per hour, the maximum — 5 $switch per hour.

How to Start Mining in PocketFi

A Telegram bot serves as a user interface for interacting with the protocol. To start mining, you will need to:

  1. 1. Register with the Telegram bot — PocketFi_Bot.
  2. 2. Claim tokens every 6 hours.
  3. 3. Complete tasks to increase mining productivity.
  4. 4. Invite friends and get an additional 10% of their claims in tokens.

All earned tokens are transferred to the “Claim” section. You can claim them immediately — they will be stored on your account and become available for transfers and exchanges after TGE (token generation). All unclaimed tokens are burned every 6 hours.

PocketFi Tasks and Referral Program

To increase your mining productivity at this time, there are the following tasks:

  • TON network swap: +8 $switch per hour (24-hour boost up to 10 times per day).
  • EVM network swap: +5 $switch per hour (24-hour boost up to 10 times per day).
I recommend doing it on the Arbitrum network, the cheapest gas.
  • Ethereum mainnet swap: +12 $switch per hour (24-hour boost up to 10 times per day).
  • Connect TON Punks NFT: +5 $switch per hour for each NFT
  • Connect NOTCOIN voucher NFT: +0.01 $switch per hour for each NFT.

The referral program is also quite interesting.

You can earn $switch tokens by inviting friends. Get a fixed bonus of up to 240 $switch for yourself and your friend — the final amount depends on their points! Each time your friend earns a reward, 10% of their reward is also paid to you. In addition, 2% of your friend’s friends’ rewards will also be paid to you!

In the first days after launch, 50% of the commission from PocketFi exchanges paid by your referrals will be redistributed to you.

Airdrop PocketFi

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