Zeta 2. airdrop 125 milyon zeta

9 Feb 2024

ZetaChain Mainnet Beta introduces ZetaHub, an entry point product for users to actively participate with ZetaChain and the ecosystem. The comprehensive portal includes features such as governance, proof of stake, and access to the vast ZetaChain dApp ecosystem. Users will be able to track their on-chain activity in ZetaHub through a rewards system called Zeta XP.

Claim your ZETA

Eligible users can visit https://l24.im/68FI to claim their earned ZETA token allocations from the initial airdrop. Some users may be required to fill out a KYC before claiming. Read our Aairdrop to learn more about this airdrop.
In addition to the ZetaChain airdrop, users may receive ZETA from partner wallet campaigns, centralized trading platforms, and other programs.
Press the Get ZETA button in Hub to see ways you can get ZETA in order to transact on the network. ZETA is an omnichain token that exists on ZetaChain, Ethereum Mainnet, or any connected smart contract chain.
Users can use the send interface to move ZETA between networks. Here, users can also move ZRC-20 whitelisted assets like BTC and ETH to and from ZetaChain.

To kickoff the launch of ZetaChain Mainnet Beta, ZetaHub presents the 1 global xp campaign, lasting 30 days. XP is a level-up system and loyalty program based on pure on-chain user activity.
Users will be able to earn XP and increase their level by interacting with ZetaHub through activities such as inviting friends to XP, contributing to core pools, depositing assets, and interacting with ZetaChain apps.
XP-eligible activities will refresh frequently so check ZetaHub for updates so you can climb the global leaderboard. Enter ZetaHub and Earn XP now!

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