Playbux Token (#PBUX) and Bybit Launchpad

12 Apr 2024
Metaverse hype and our thesis

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the term “Metaverse” has been used frequently. There are a large number of Metaverse projects that are established every day, but none has emerged as the clear winner. It is possible that the technology is not yet ready for widespread adoption. We hold differing views. The Internet should serve as an illustration of how the Metaverse actually operates. When it occurs, it will be utilized everywhere without your awareness. And that is currently occurring on Blockchains.

Most people believe that Blockchain is concerned primarily with Cryptocurrency. However, it is more potent than that. Blockchain is analogous to a new standard on top of the internet that requires all users to utilize the same metadata. All cryptocurrency tokens are compliant with the ERC-20 standard, whereas all non- fungible tokens are compatible with the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard. Anyone can develop the next NFT marketplace in the style of Opensea without requiring NFT creators to submit their products for inclusion. Defi or decentralized finance product creators can be created easily by any business or DAO due to the same user interface of all tokens. Consequently, the largest decentralized exchange, Uniswap, may swap any Ethereum token without ever contacting the token’s developer. Additionally, anyone can construct an application on top of an already-established one, and so on. Similar to 1inch, which aggregates liquidity from DEXs such as Uniswap and Sushiswap.

Additionally, smart contracts allow anyone to build a new user experience on top of them, such as when designed a more intuitive user interface for the original smart contract.

Blockchain and Smart Contract is already a Meta, and we are constructing a universe that unifies everything that has been developed on it. This is how we build the Metaverse.

Timing and Accessibility

Bill Gross, who has established numerous startups and incubated a large number of others, previously presented a TED Talk about the most crucial aspect of a successful startup. He stated that five criteria determine a company’s success. Idea, Team, Financial Model, Funding, and Timing. In addition, he stated that Timing accounts for roughly 42 percent of corporate success. In 1999, he founded, an online video streaming network similar to YouTube. In 2003, his business folded. After internet connectivity began to gain in popularity and Adobe Flash made it simple for any computer to render video, YouTube was launched successfully just two years later, in 2005.

The majority of metaverse projects use a 3D internet platform or may require VR headsets. But how many people in the world have VR headsets or powerful computers capable of running 3D internet games? However, everyone has an internet-connected mobile phone. They are prepared to utilize any newly launched internet platforms. This is why we designed our Metaverse in isometric 2D rather than 3D and made it mobile-friendly.

Shop to Earn

The majority of Web 2.0 users find it intimidating to invest their money in something they don’t fully comprehend, which makes purchasing cryptocurrencies difficult. We utilize a cashback business model to enable users to purchase anything in real life at any ecommerce of which they are already a member and receive cashback in cryptocurrency in order to test out web3 and the metaverse and gain an understanding of how they function.

The cryptocurrency cashback will not be created out of thin air. This system’s core principle is that we receive a commission fee from ecommerce platforms with whom we have linked because we attract customers to them. We use the cashback to buy PBUX tokens at the current market price and distribute them to users. Users can opt to receive their cashback as either PBUX tokens or Brick Points.

We have linked more than 20,000 stores across the globe that allow users to earn cashback. The shop will be customized to your location.

Game Center

One of the various ways to spend PBUX or BRICK on the Playbux metaverse is the game center. The Playbux gaming center offers thousands of games that are regularly updated, much like an actual retro arcade. To play the game and obtain rewards as PBUX or BRICK, respectively, depending on their score, the user must insert a PBUX or BRICK token.

We will soon release our SDK program, which will enable game developers from all around the world to create their own games using the Playbux environment and place them in our game center. Playbux and the game’s creator will split the profits from the game they have made. With the help of this concept, users will become creators, and Playbux will serve as a platform for them to showcase their idea and creativity.

Platforms Integration

Any Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 online platform can be integrated with the Playbux metaverse. We are able to turn any platform to building and provide our users in- game applications. Without leaving the metaverse, a user can access our virtual world, hang out, socialize with people, and use any integrated applications. At the alpha launch, 1inch, The best DeFi aggregator on the BNB chain, was integrated. Users can use the 1inch swap service within the Playbux metaverse.

Token and Points

Tokenomics is a crucial aspect that determines a project’s long-term viability. The issue with the majority of inflationary tokens is that they lose value over time. Some projects inflate a secondary token so as not to affect the governance token or the primary token. However, it will not fix the problem, as the secondary token will continue to lose value over time, harming its holders. We chose the dual token structure, but add a twist by making the secondary token royalty points that users are unable to withdraw or spend on withdrawable items. Consider it similar to the in-game cash of an online game that cannot be withdrawn once earned. Thus, users that primarily utilize the Metaverse as a game will not be affected by the price drop. The next section describes the construction of both tokens:

PBUX Token

Playbux Token (PBUX) is the governance token used to vote and control direction of the system. It can be used to purchase NFTs or anything that can be interchange between blockchain and the game. the total supply will be limited at 400 Million tokens.

SAFT 0 (10%)

SAFT 0 will be issued to Binance, our first investor. In five years, SAFT 0 will receive 40 Million tokens in total. Following a 6-month lockup period, they will earn 10% or 4 Million tokens in the first round of vesting, followed by 10% every 6-months.

Private Sale(5%)

SAFT 0 will receive 20 Million tokens in total. After a 3-month lockup period, they will earn 5% or 1 Million tokens in the first round of vesting, followed by 5% every 3- months.

Protocol Development Fund (20%)

This budget will be utilized to recruit team or to fund an external game development group. It will be issued initially by 10 percent, then by 10 percent every three months. Please note that it will not be used to generate profit for Playbux team. all unused tokens will be frozen.

Ecosystem And Community (20%)

This budget will be used to acquire new supporters or to pay shop-to-earn incentives. For instance, when the cashback procedure takes a lengthy time and we want to provide it to the user sooner. Please note that this is not the prize pool, as no token-diluting incentives are being printed. Instead of minting tokens, they will be purchased from a liquid market. All unused tokens will become frozen.

Reserve (15%)

This funding will be utilized in the event of an emergency or to fund unplanned future features. It will be locked for a year and will remain locked if no plans emerge to use it.

Team (20%)

This will be the team’s incentive. It will be locked for 6 months, then 10% will be released every 6 months for a total of 5 years.

Public Sale (10%)

This portion is available for public sale on partner launchpad during the initial stage. The launch date will be announced on our official platform prior to the token launch.

Brick Point

Brick Points resemble in-game currency, allowing gamers to enjoy the metaverse without concern for cryptocurrencies. Similar to another project’s governance token, it also serves as a secondary token to avoid inflation. Brick Points will be used as an in-game currency that cannot be withdrawn or spent on withdrawable items such as NFT, but can be spent on decorations, cosmetics, and games. You can earn Brick points through purchases and the cash back program.

Combination of NFTs

Most NFT in the market are unique. They are combination of parts or properties which combine into a single unique NFT. And the smart contract prevent any NFT to have the same exact part set. Some parts are rare which make the NFT having it rare. But it restricted how users can customize their own character in the metaverse to express their style. We use the different approach by making all parts customizable and make all parts an NFT. There will be 7 parts that users can change. Hat, head, face, Shirts, Back, Pants and Shoes.

In addition to NFTs, Bux can be personalized by purchasing standard digital cosmetics with Brick. But they will not be withdrawable

Build your own Space

Everyone will possess a room and be able to personalize it. You may invite your friend to your room to hang out. Community owners can either form a partnership with us or acquire a larger structure for their members to use. Projects who have a smart contract will be able to incorporate it into their Playbux space and allow users to access it from within the platform. There will be both NFT and standard digital decorating. Space-related information will be published in the near future.


Playbux intends to demonstrate the power of blockchain by integrating common smart contracts. Playbux enable any asset from any project to be represented on the metaverse, and you can design your character in any way you like. Any crypto community or smart contract can integrate with Playbux. The tokenomics is intended to be unbreakable as no token tokens will be minted out of thin air. Playbux is accessible to everyone without the need to invest in bitcoin, and more are on the way. Please subscribe and medium for updates.

Playbux Token (PBUX) on Bybit Launchpad 3.0: Now Live

About Playbux Token (PBUX)

  • Token: PBUX
  • Price: 1 PBUX Token = 0.075 USDT
  • Total Allocated to Bybit Launchpad: 4,000,000 PBUX
    • MNT Pool: 2,000,000 PBUX (Cap per subscriber: $300 = 4,000 PBUX)
    • USDT Lottery: 2,000,000 PBUX (Allocation per user: 15 USDT = 200 PBUX, winning tickets: 10,000)

How to Join Launchpad 3.0

1. Snapshot Period: Apr 18, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC – Apr 22, 2024, 11:59PM UTC

  • If you'd like to subscribe to token allocation: Your daily average balance of MNT must be equal to or greater than 50 MNT during this period, and your maximum allocation of new tokens will be determined.
  • If you'd like to participate in the lottery: Your daily average wallet balance of USDT must be at least 100 USDT during this period. The more you trade, the more Lottery Tickets you can earn.

During this period, the daily average MNT and USDT balance in your Funding Account, Spot Account, and Derivatives Account (or Unified Trading Account and Inverse Derivatives Account) will be recorded through hourly snapshots.
In the Funding Account, USDT staked in Launchpool and Bybit Savings will be automatically counted toward your wallet balance snapshots. USDT staked in other products on Bybit Earn (e.g., Dual Asset or Liquidity Mining) will not be included.
In the Derivatives Account, the wallet balance will be counted. The wallet balance may be affected by your realized PnL.
Your daily average balance snapshot and daily Spot trading volume for the current day will be updated at 3AM UTC on the next day. For more details about the daily average balance, please visit our Help Center here.
2. Subscription Period: Apr 23, 2024, 3:30AM UTC – Apr 23, 2024, 10:59AM UTC

  • If you've chosen the subscription: You must click on the Commit Now button to commit a certain amount of MNT during this period. The minimum amount required is 50 MNT. You can subscribe multiple times.
  • If you've chosen the lottery: You must click on the Commit Now button to commit 100 USDT for the lottery. Each participant can earn up to four (4) tickets based on their Spot trading volume during the Snapshot Period.

The winning probability of each Lottery Ticket = (Total number of winning tickets/Total number of Lottery Tickets for this Launchpad project) * 100%. If you hold the maximum number of four (4) tickets, you’ll have four (4) equal chances of drawing a winning number. For example, if you have four (4) tickets and two (2) of them were selected as winning tickets, you will receive allocations for two (2) tickets.
The MNT or USDT you've committed will be locked, and cannot be accessed for transfers, withdrawals or trading until after the final distribution of the project tokens.
3. Distribution Period: Apr 23, 2024, 11AM UTC – Apr 23, 2024, 11:59AM UTC

  • For token allocation subscribers: Your final token allocation = (Amount of MNT you've committed/Total amount of MNT committed by all participants) * Total amount of new tokens allocated for the project.

Based on your final token allocation result, the corresponding MNT equivalent will be deducted from your committed amount, while your new token allocation will go to your Spot Account (or Unified Trading Account), and the remaining MNT will be credited back to your Funding Account.
Please note that the maximum amount of new tokens you can receive has a hard cap. The amount exceeding that limit will be allocated to participants who haven't reached this cap.

  • For Lottery Ticket holders: Each winning ticket will grant the holder an allocation of the project token. The new tokens that the winners will receive will go to their Spot Account (or Unified Trading Account with UTA upgrades), while the remaining committed amount, if any, will be credited back to their Funding Account. If you don't win, the 100 USDT you've committed will be credited back to your Funding Account.

4. PBUX/USDT Launch: Apr 23, 2024, 12PM (noon) UTC
The Spot pair of the new token will be live for trades at this time, if liquidity conditions are met.



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