MODE Airdrop Invite Code "gdkl7p" | Methods To Increase Your Points

13 Apr 2024

If you already joined BLAST airdrop then you should not forget to join MODE airdrop.

Click here to visit MODE Airdrop page. MODE Airdrop Invite Code "gdkl7p".

MODE is an Ethereum L2 platform that rewards its users for growing the network using the new economic mechanisms. MODE is built on Optimism and supported by an Optimism grant.

To join MODE airdrop you need to use MODE Airdrop Invite Code "gdkl7p". You can use our invite code to join the airdrop.

The simple way to join the MODE airdrop is to bridge any amount of coin from the Ethereum network to the Mode network but you might not know that you can use multiple platforms to increase your points by X2 times.

How To Join MODE Airdrop?

I am not going to explain to you step-by-step how to join the platform but will list the DaPPS you can use to earn points. You can do the following sites and tasks to get more points in the MODE airdrop.

  • Official Mode Bridge: Use the official MODE bridge to convert your Ethereum from the native Ethereum chain to the MODE network.
  • Galxe Tasks: Follow them on Galxe and complete all available tasks to get NFT rewards and possible token rewards.
  • KimExchange: Add liquidity and make swaps. You will earn KIM points and Mode points.
  • Ionic: Borrow or lend to get MODE points and IONIC points.
  • LogX: Trade your favorite crypto in a decentralized derivative market to earn MODE airdrop points and LOGX points.
  • LayerBank: Earn LB points plus MODE points for borrowing and lending crypto.
  • Molend: For every $1 you borrow you will get 1.2 MLD points daily. Plus you will get MODE points.

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