U2DPN #Airdrop guide!

12 Mar 2024

Be early on U2DPN today and stay positioned for massive potential $Airdrop!

✅ Let's farm!

💰 cost: $0
⏰ Time required: 10 Minutes

🍺 U2DPN is a decentralized Private Network where you earn passive income by sharing your unused bandwidth.

App is avaialble on Andriod only at the moment.
iOS version soon.

1⏩Download on Andriod PlayStore:
✅Install on device

✅SIgn in with Google and proceed

✅Click on "start"

2 ⏩Binding Address:

Download U2U wallet from playstore here: play.google.com/store/apps/det…

✅Install Wallet, copy and create account

✅ Copy your wallet Address

✅ Open your U2DPN app

✅Click on account

✅Click on connect

✅Then paste the wallet address you copied from the U2U wallet

✅Click on submit


Earn more points by referring

✅ Click the "referral" tab on your U2DPN app

✅Click "link with your friends"

✅ Add the referral code: larrydxb

✅ Click on save

4⏩Claiming Reward
✅ Click on "Account" in your U2DPN app

✅Click "Claim all Reward"

✅Click "Claim now" and DONE!

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