Acadex Network Airdrop

2 Jun 2022

Reward: $30000 in $ACDX
Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Note: Results will be June 30, 2022
Airdrop Link: Airdrop Link
🔹 Visit the Acadex Network website
🔹 Go to the Acadex Network telegram channel and write a comment under the attached post
🔹 Go to the Acadex Network telegram group and leave 2 any reactions
🔹 Follow Ac adex Network on Twitter
🔹 Like and retweet this post, also tag 3 friends with hashtag @acadexnetwork $ACDX #ACDX #AcadexArmy
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🔹 Leave a 5-star review on Trustpilot
🔹 Add ACDX to Watchlist on CoinMarketCap
🔹 Enter your BEP-20 Wallet (Metamask is required)
🔹 You can also get an additional $500 $ACDX for each referral.
Additio nal Information:

The ACDX token, based on execution of learning and resilience, is a multi-chain token deployed for all educational and extracurricular processes. It has uses such as trading, swapping, staking, pro viding liquidity, and receiving rewards.

Disclamer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrop project, also the airdrop is 100% free. Do not send any fee or penny for receiving giveaway tokens. Just join for free.
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