13 Feb 2024


Cost: $0
Potential Reward: $100 $500 $1500 $3000 $6000+

What exactly is EESEE?

EESEE transcends the conventional NFT trading platforms, as it empowers users to harness the collective strength of the community for substantial gains within the exclusive realm of elite collectibles. Its gamified trading interface facilitates mutual benefits for sellers and buyers, leveraging the network effect to create a mutually beneficial environment.

EESEE goes beyond the basic functionality of NFT trading platforms by integrating a comprehensive social network, seamlessly connecting the trading and social elements of a typical NFT marketplace. Users can engage with the community, stay updated with the latest information, and access valuable insights, all within a unified interface. Additionally, EESEE introduces an innovative ticketed sales system, effectively reducing entry barriers within the industry.

All transactions, including sales and purchases, on EESEE are conducted through smart contracts. When a digital asset is listed for sale, the corresponding NFT is locked within the smart contract to ensure the platform's operational integrity and security. Throughout the selling process, EESEE acts as both a guarantor and an escrow account holder. Benefitting from partnerships and guidance from industry leaders, EESEE's testnet adheres to the highest standards, prioritizing platform enhancement while rewarding early adopters with an $ESE token airdrop supported by leading figures in the Web3 space. The testnet is available for a limited duration, offering users the opportunity to engage with the platform under real-world conditions and contribute to its ongoing development.

EESEE Raises $2.85 Million to Bring Gamified Experiences to Sellers Across the Crypto Market

They increased the testnet rewards (airdrop) pool to $500,000 in ESE tokens and they will continue to increase the rewards pool in the future before distribution.

Here's how to qualify for the airdrop:

  • Connect your metamask wallet and enter this code ESE-MT23-8SD8 (NOTE: You cannot join the testnet unless you have invite code.)

  • Click on “Add Funds” to perform twitter tasks and earn testnet tokens.

  • Connect your X (twitter) account to your EESEE profile.
  • Retweet their post
  • Follow their X (twitter) account
  • Do this once every 24 hours to earn testnet tokens.

  • You may now proceed to the reward section and begin completing challenges.

  • The more challenges you complete, the more points you receive.

Join now before it's too late.

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