Memories of Empress Maria Alexandrovna:

14 Mar 2023

⚜️Memories of Empress Maria Alexandrovna:

“When I first saw the Grand Duchess, she was already 28 years old. However, she still looked very young. She retained this youthful appearance all her life. Despite her tall stature and slenderness, she was so thin and fragile that at first glance she did not give the impression of a beauty, but she was unusually graceful.
Beautiful were her wonderful hair, her delicate complexion, her large, slightly bulging eyes, which looked meekly and penetratingly. Her profile was not beautiful, since her nose was not correct, and her chin receded somewhat back. The mouth was thin, tight-lipped, indicative of restraint, without the slightest sign of enthusiasm or impulse, and a barely perceptible ironic smile presented a strange contrast to the expression of her eyes. I insist on all these details because I have rarely seen a person whose face and appearance better expressed the shades and contrasts of his extremely complex inner self.

Anna Tyutc
⚜️Photo cards.

Additional photos for the previous post:

Photo 1 - Olga Alexandrovna in the courtyard of the hospital
Photo 2 - Olga Alexandrovna in the form of a sister of mercy
Photo 3 - Olga Alexandrovna in the hospital makes a bandage to a wounded officer
Photo 4 - Olga Alexandrovna and Emperor Nicholas II in the hospital in Rovno
Photo 5 - Olga Alexandrovna with Emperor Nicholas II, with her mother - Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna, nieces Olga Nikolaevna, Tatyana Nikolaevna and Anastasia Nikolaevna, sister Xenia Alexandrovna and nephew Vasily Alexandrovich.heva.

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