Mutually Assured Destruction - MAD

12 Jun 2024

After the Second World War, it was observed that the wars were quite fragmented.
In fact, due to technological developments, explosive weapons and bombs have been developed at an advanced level. This is called nuclear peace. (MAD)
The term MAD was proposed by Donald Brennan in 1962 and the reality is experienced today.
Atomic bombs owned by countries have not decreased over time since the 1980s, and highly effective weapons have not been produced. All these indicators reveal the success of the idea of ​​mutual destruction.
However, this idea focuses on the completely free movements of the political forces governed by their countries. In other words, it focuses on the idea that no country's government will drag its own country into such destruction. A single crazy move can destroy the entire doctrine.
In 1957, a US flying plane accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on the ground. A few years later, a plane in the USA dropped the atomic bomb it was carrying and it fell on a family's house.
In 1962, a Soviet submarine was attacked near Cuba, and when the submarine commanders could not reach their country's administrators for a few days, they considered the idea of ​​launching a nuclear torpedo. However, Vasili Arkhipov convinced the other commanders and prevented them from sending the bomb. For this reason, Arkhipov is known as the man who saved the world.
In 1968, a B52 type aircraft carrying 4 hydrogen bombs crashed into the Greenland glaciers, but the bombs did not explode.
In 1979, radars in the US command center detected a Soviet bomb attack and were put on alert and the atomic bombs were activated. However, it was understood that this was a realistic simulation and the image was transferred to real radars incorrectly.
During an explosion in Arkansas in 1980, a 9-megaton atomic bomb, 600 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was thrown 100 meters forward due to the explosion. However, due to security measures, the bomb did not explode.
The Stanislav Petrov incident took place in 1983. The indication that there was a nuclear attack on the Soviets from the USA appeared on Petrov's computer. Petrov was a civilian, not a soldier. Petrov wanted to check the radars to confirm the signal instead of reporting it directly to his bases. If he had told the warning to his bases, the Soviets would counteract it. An offensive bomb launch would take place and the 3rd world war would probably begin. Even if Petrov had been wrong, there would probably be no country called Soviet Russia within half an hour. However, Petrov was right and found that the warning was a mistake.
In 2007, 6 nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were accidentally loaded onto a different plane in the USA. However, the US air force did not realize that these explosives were missing for 36 hours.
The situation that all these accidents show us; I guess it seems like pure luck that human beings are alive right now.

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