Bitcraft Airdrop: BitCraft Invite Link

12 Mar 2024

BitCraft is the first large-scale Survival Crafting MMORPG. Work with thousands of other players to rebuild civilization in a single, massive, unsharded world. Watch the Alpha Announcement Trailer for a glimpse of what BitCraft has to offer.
BitCraft is a sandbox MMORPG that encourages many different play styles ranging from farming, hunting, and crafting to city-building and social strategy, rather than emphasizing combat alone. The game incorporates elements of sub-genres such as survival games, sandbox games, role-playing games, city builders, and strategy games.
Forget the static worlds of traditional MMORPGs, you get to build your towns in BitCraft! Build up your settlement from a small village into a global economic hub of trade! Build a mountain fortress or an outpost on the furthest reaches of civilization for weary travelers.
Unlike games with separate player-hosted sandbox servers, BitCraft takes place in a single massive procedurally generated world. Hone the skills you're interested in like farming, fishing, mining, or foresting! Become a master of your craft and make your name known throughout the land.

Bitcraft Airdrop Reward

BitCraft is a new platform that seems promising and there are 100% chance that they will airdrop free tokens to their early supporters.
As of now estimating airdrop rewards is not possible but such projects actively reward more than $100 to each user for just following them on social media & completing some tasks.

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How To Join BitCraft Airdrop?

To join Bitcraft airdrop go with the following steps.

  • Visit Bitcraft website
  • For security reasons, I suggest to register using Email address
  • Go to the quest page
  • Complete all tasks mentioned on the Quest page
  • That's all. You will earn points in the form of XP which will be converted into real tokens once they will get airdroped.

After completing these tasks you can regularly visit the website to check the latest and new Quests to complete. To get more XP you can invite your friends.

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