What is the Scope of AutoCAD Drafter in India?

14 Jul 2022

If you want to know whether the Scope of AutoCAD is good in India? You are on the right blog. Learn everything about AutoCAD career opportunities and growth prospects. AutoCAD is an easy-to-understand, Draw, Design & Draft software that is globally used by Students, Architects, Teachers, and Designers. Like other CAD programs, the working of the AutoCAD is based on a geometric system database.

Introduction to AutoCAD:

All the Modeling and Designing were done manually through Sketching and using Drafting devices before the invention of the AutoCAD. This process was very time-consuming and also resulted in higher costs. But as AutoCAD got invented the work of Designing has to get simplified and digitalized.
AutoCAD is a very advanced program that has various default commands incorporated within the application software which makes it easy for the users to edit and change the files without any limitations.

Who is a Drafter?

A Drafter is the one who makes 2D or 3D technical drawings with the use of AutoCAD, one of the leading software. An ideal AutoCAD drafter has two brains. The right brain is filled with creativity and the left is filled with traits of mathematics as well as analytical thinking. With these combined attributes the drafter produces Captivating, Innovative, and Functional Designs.

What is the Future of AutoCAD?

When you try to gamble out a bit you will find according to the trends that the future of AutoCAD is no exception. The upcoming years will give a very special place to AutoCAD as it is a well-established 2D drafting package. The AutoCAD is likely to remain relevant in the foreseeable future due to the simplicity of the software in accomplishing the basic drafting tasks.
It is very doubtful to say that any other software will spruce up so early to replace AutoCAD simply because it is too profitable. This can provide an edge over any special features and make the work easier.

How Engineers Use AutoCAD in Projects?

AutoCAD for Civil Engineers – The AutoCAD software has brought a revolution in the life of civil engineers as their work has become easy. It has become easier to do their work as AutoCAD help in the creation of the Site Layouts, Building Spacing & Planning, Structural & Steel Detailing Works, Interior Detailing & Drafting views for Shop Drawings. Moreover, the unnecessary cost of construction is minimizing through AutoCAD as everything is planned in advance. The civil engineer can also modify the drafted drawings at any time. Thus, a civil engineer has several benefits of AutoCAD for the completion of its Residential as well as Commercial Projects.
AutoCAD for Mechanical Engineers – Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the designing of things like Robotics, Machines, Automation Systems, etc. earlier they made use of Pencils, Erasers, Drafters for drafting and create the blueprints of these. But with the help of these Computer-Aided Design programs, their work got easier. They do it more efficiently and faster. With the help of this software, they can perform complex calculations and thus get help to create detailed specifications.
AutoCAD for Electrical Engineers – AutoCAD tool for electrical engineers has been the most popular, which helped them deliver professional work. With the help of these, they can make professional Electrical Drawings, Control and Power Circuits, PLC diagrams. It consists of a proper electrical toolset that helps to make the Panels, PLC Modules, Wiring Diagrams, Control Cabinets, etc. Therefore, accurate and schematic drawings are made. Thus, the entire Building, Apartment, or Complex Electrical wire routing could be precisely shown in AutoCAD to execute the Site Construction work without any wastage and saving time.

Salaries for AutoCAD Drafter in India

The salaries for the AutoCAD drafters are fixed as per the Experience, Specialties, AutoCAD Certification, or the type of industry they choose. To get a good Salary package it is always recommended to get expertise with AutoCAD & improvise skills to become a Professional Drafter through AutoCAD Drafting speed & Technical Drawing presentation.
Top Companies Hiring AutoCAD Drafters:
My Home Group
Aparna Constructions
Raster Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Who Can Learn AutoCAD?

Nowadays a person of any age can pick up any new skill and try to excel in it to make it a high-paying career option. This is especially in the case of tech-savvy who go around exploring different software’s. A simple hobby can be translated into a valuable skill that can place you in good positions.

What Certifications are Available for AutoCAD?

Most AutoCAD certifications are available for the skills at two levels: user-level or professional level. The user’s level consists of typically working for about 150 hours in the real experience and is considered as the basic entry-level.
On the other hand, the professional level includes working for about 400 hours to have the practical experience of solving various complex workflow and design challenges. The AutoCAD certification will be available through AutoCAD Company Autodesk.

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