My setting sunrise

5 Jun 2023


When I was born, I came to realize;
That I was blessed with real eyes,
Mine were as blue as the bright skies,
So beautiful with retinas that were so nice!

But now my eyes are under danger,
I feel something creeping under,
My foresight is under siege by this hunter -
A devilish and blinding spider!

When did I become its prey?
Oh! If it wins, I will no longer behold the Sun ray!
Or be totally cut off from the light of day,
It must not succeed, I must find a way!

Its web is gradually wrapping me,
When did I invite this evil enemy?
Oh why won't this Spider just let me be?!
It wants to blind me so I can no longer see!

If it blocks my light, I'll be filled with darkness,
How can I then face the future with this blindness?
If it hinders my journey to greatness,
I'll be reduced to an eyesore, or even less!

So who's seeing this? Please help me pick it out,
It is a creeping evil, my eyes can't be its hideout,
I know you can help, I have no doubt,
If you don't, look at the picture, my eyes will soon meet its mouth!

If it does, it'll emit its poison and I'll go blind,
So I'm seeking all the help I can find,
I have great dreams ahead, I don't want to be left behind,
Pls save my eyes, they're the window to my mind!


"....brightly yours..."
© 2020

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Protecting what to see with is as essential as breathing so protect the windows to your mind at any cause.