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10 Feb 2024
Root Network comes with an innovative approach to blockchain technology. The project has three unique main protocols:

- Core Protocols
- UX Protocols
- Metaverse Protocols

1. Now, let's first delve into the Core Protocols:

This protocol includes the Root Network's own Layer1 network. This product is still under development by the way.

Integrated EVM: The most beautiful feature of the network is that it can work by integrating the EVM into itself, a developer can easily read and deploy Solidity codes here using DKs. Root Network provides this for developers!

Onchain assets and Onchain decentralized exchange product also belong to this protocol. Apart from this, users have the ability to easily create and trade their own collections or those of others. This happens thanks to the On-Chain Collectibles Protocol.

Efficient Staking Protocol makes it possible for everyone to perform staking transactions and thus earn good profits by using the infrastructure and security of the Root chain.

If you want to participate in on-chain governance, you also gain voting power by holding or staking ROOT tokens. Judging by the current stake to earn incident, we can see the same here as well.

2. Let's move on to UX Protocols

With the Any-Token Gas feature, users can pay with all the tokens they want and supported by the network, unlike other networks, which I think is a great thing. You experience this problem often, I'm sure.

With the Identity Protocol feature, you can have your own digital identity on the network. In this way, you can also participate in governance.

The Smart Wallet feature offers you the same Web2 excitement, actually. This includes account abstraction, transferred payments, experiences, etc.

Another feature this protocol offers is the cross-chain data feature. With cross-chain applications, the performance of the main network can be strengthened thanks to this feature, and users will do this.

3. And let's come to the Metaverse Protocol we are most interested in

One of its features is asset registration. It will offer interoperability features thanks to its meta data.

Thanks to the Social, Communication and Data protocol, user data will be added to the application and a rich social experience will be created.

Our favorite thing is to see Metaverse and Artificial intelligence together. We see this on Root as well. This protocol will include artificial intelligence-supported collections, and this technology will also provide collection owners with the opportunity to become a metadata repository.

Now for the most popular part: Tokenomics.

The total supply of ROOT Token is 12 billion units. These tokens are distributed to different pools and will be distributed as they come into circulation.

The market cap is still at 90 million dollars and ATH has reached 112 million dollars so far. And what's more, after IEO, it has increased 7x.

There are currently only 1.9 billion tokens in the market. This makes it only 10%. The new token will enter circulation within 3 days, but since 4.62 million tokens will enter, I honestly do not think it will affect many prices.

It currently has an average daily volume of 4 million dollars. I have not seen this project talked about much by people until now, but thanks to the partnerships, I see the market value of this project as 450-500 million dollars. It is currently worth 86 million dollars, so the project still has a 4.5-5x potential to go from here. Please everyone take their own risk

Why do I think this way, because the project is an ecosystem and applications are just starting to be developed. If this is the case, volume will enter the $ROOT token and demand will increase. Therefore, for an ecosystem token to have such a valuation, it means it is too undervalued for me.

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