Agora Airdrop - Free AGO Token

12 Mar 2024

Ago's Exciting Airdrop Campaign: Grab Your 50 AGO Tokens Now!
Are you ready to be part of the latest cryptocurrency excitement? Ago is rolling out an airdrop campaign that's too good to miss! Engage with their Telegram bot, breeze through some easy social media activities, and provide your details, including your ERC-20 wallet address, to claim your 50 AGO tokens. But that's not all - for every friend you bring into the fold, you'll earn an additional 5 AGO. So why wait?

Quick Guide to Claim Your Tokens:
- Start a conversation with the Ago Telegram bot.
- Join the official Ago Telegram group and channel.
- Follow Ago on Twitter and share their top tweet.
- Don't forget to submit your ERC-20 wallet address.
Your 50 AGO tokens are waiting for you, and there's more for every referral. Get started now!

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