Social media platform

16 Mar 2023

Knowing the right social media platform for your business is very important . I will take you on a walk through on the various social media platform and what works for each business.

LinkedIn: Linkedin is the most professional social media platform. Infact I consider Linkedin a freelancing website. As freelancer you can meet various clients from all part of the world on linkedin and generate passive income using your skills.

TikTok: Tiktok works best for content creation. The key to this platform is creating interesting content that aligns with the younger generation.

Instagram: Is a great platform for purchasing and selling products like bags, shoes, cloths and a whole lots of products. You just need to understand the platform and create stunning videos and photos to attract people.

Twitter: This is my best platform. It is a general platform for crypto enthusiasts, news, freelancing and having fun.

Pinterest: I'm not really a fan of this platform so i dont know a lot about it.


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