9 Feb 2024

$ALEO received $228 million invested from COINBASE and A16Z.

The token launch is scheduled for Q1 2024.

Time - 10 minutes Cost - 0$ Head to Airdrop Strategy🧵👇

For 2022 year, they have received investments totaling $228M from leading venture capitalists such as a16z, coinbase and others.

I've prepared a step-by-step guide with videos for each action to ensure you don't make any mistakes.

➤ Head to:
➤ Install the Leo wallet and configure it(create wallet). Greenlist

➤ Head to:
➤ Add the Leo wallet to the Greenlist.

Test tokens 1/2

➤ Head to:
➤ Scan the QR code and send an SMS to the specified number to receive tokens.👇

Test tokens 2/2
➤ Head to:
➤ Receive test ETH to the Metamask wallet.👇

➤ Head to:
➤ Send a test ETH from Sepolia to Aleo, any amount👇

Testing the AleoSwap platform 1/4

➤ Head to:
➤ Claim all available tokens Testing the AleoSwap platform 2/4
➤ Head to:
➤ Perform several swaps for any tokens👇

Testing the AleoSwap platform 3/4

➤ Head to:
➤ Add liquidity first, then remove 50%👇

Testing the AleoSwap platform 4/4
➤ Head to:
➤ Connect wallet and create token.
➤ You can set any values👇

Testing the Arcane Finance platform 1/2
➤ Head to:
➤ Claim test USD👇

Testing the Arcane Finance platform 2/2

➤ Head to:
➤ Make several swaps, for any tokens.👇


➤ Head to:
➤ Connect wallet and buy domain.
➤ You can set any values👇

Create NFT

➤ Head to:
➤ Connect wallet and create NFT
➤ You can set any values Deploy contract
➤ Head to:

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