Avail: Blockchain Data Availability Protocol and its Airdrop of 600 Million Tokens.

19 Apr 2024

In a strategic move aimed at strengthening its presence in the Web3 ecosystem and promoting mass adoption, Avail, an infrastructure layer built on top of Polygon's software development kit, has announced a 600 million airdrop of its native token, AVAIL. This airdrop, scheduled to launch in the near future, seeks to reward a wide range of contributors within various blockchain communities, from developers to rollup users and validators.

A Comprehensive Airdrop to Encourage Participation

The Avail airdrop represents an inclusive strategy to encourage participation and engagement within your community and beyond. By distributing 600 million AVAIL tokens to a variety of stakeholders, Avail not only promotes the adoption of its platform, but also recognizes the importance of diversity and collaboration in the sustainable growth of blockchain infrastructure.

Equitable and Diversified Distribution

The distribution of the 600 million AVAIL tokens is divided equally and diversified, covering different aspects of the blockchain ecosystem:

  1. Ecosystem Developers: 90 million tokens are reserved to reward developers who contribute to the development and continuous improvement of Avail and its associated applications.
  2. Testnet Users: An allocation of 49.5 million tokens is intended for users who participated in the testing phase of the network, providing valuable feedback and helping to identify possible improvements.
  3. Rollup Users: With 380 million tokens reserved for rollup users on various blockchains, such as Arbitrum One, Avail seeks to encourage adoption of its technology among those using layer two solutions.
  4. Polygon Stakers: To incentivize participation in network security and governance, 70 million tokens are allocated to Polygon stakers, thus strengthening interoperability between Avail and other infrastructures.
  5. Community Contributors: Finally, 10.5 million tokens are reserved for those who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the community around Avail and its ecosystem.

Underlying Technology: Improving Scalability and Interoperability

Behind the Avail airdrop is a robust technological infrastructure designed to address key scalability and interoperability challenges in the blockchain space. With components such as Avail DA, Nexus and Fusion, Avail offers innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and accessibility of blockchain transactions.

Avail DA: Scaling Rollups with KZG Commitments and Data Availability Sampling

Avail DA represents a significant advance in scalability of base layer transactions, using methods such as KZG commits and data availability sampling. These techniques allow nodes to verify pooled transactions without the need to download all the information in a block, while ensuring the integrity and privacy of the underlying data.

Avail Nexus: A Cross-Chain Bridge for Borderless Interoperability

With Avail Nexus, the platform offers a cross-chain bridge that allows users to transact or exchange assets on multiple blockchain networks. This functionality is essential to promote interoperability and facilitate the seamless transfer of assets between different blockchain ecosystems.

Avail Fusion: Liquid Asset Staking for Profitable Participation

Avail Fusion introduces the ability to liquid stake assets in Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and others, giving users the opportunity to participate in the security and governance of the network while efficiently generating returns on their investments. .

An Inclusive Approach to Web3 Unification

Importantly, Avail's airdrop is not exclusively limited to users within its own or Polygon's ecosystem. Recognizing the need for broader unification within the Web3 space, Avail has taken an inclusive approach that spans multiple blockchain communities, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Avalanche, Near, among others.

The airdrop of 600 million AVAIL tokens marks a significant milestone in Avail's path to mass adoption and interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem. By rewarding a wide range of contributors and promoting innovative technology solutions, Avail positions itself as a key player in the continued evolution of blockchain infrastructure.

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