Yaka Finance ($YAKA) token airdrop guide: Fairest airdrop!

9 Feb 2024

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Testnet steps:
1: Connect your SEI wallet and change to testnet.
2: Get faucet from https://atlantic-2.app.sei.io/faucet
3: Click “Swap” and trade within our designated pools — SEI-YAKA, SEI-USDT, USDT-YAKA, and USDT-USDC.
4: Click “Liquidity” and add including SEI-YAKA, USDT-YAKA, SEI-USDT, and USDT-USDC.
5: Try to get more points and win more tokens through referrals
At the heart of our campaign is the Airdrop page, where you can monitor your progress. Here, you’ll see the points you’ve earned, the badges you’ve illuminated, and: your current standing on the leaderboard.

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Step 1 [Setting up your wallet]

Yaka Finance’s website currently support Fin and Compass Wallet.
Choose any wallet that you desire, for this example, we will be using the Fin Wallet.
Upon Clicking The Fin wallet, you’ll have an option to install the wallet. See screenshot below
Click the “Get” button to install the Fin wallet
If you don’t have any existing wallet for Fin yet, then we obviously have to create a new one.
Enter your desired password that will be used to access the wallet everytime.
Next step is to just read all of this and make sure you save your 12 seed phrase (Don’t share it with anyone)
After your wallet has been created, it will look something like this
Make sure to also switch to the Sei Testnet once your wallet has been created.
After all the previous steps have been done, head to Swap Page and let’s connect our Fin Wallet.

Step 2 [Connecting the wallet]

Just go ahead and click “Connect”

Step 3 [Adding testnet balance via Faucet]

Since it’s a new wallet, there will be no balance available $SEI test tokens use for Testnet purposes, that’s when we use the FAUCET.
Just simply click the button on the top right as shown in the screenshot.
On the Faucet page, simply connect your wallet and your discord, just like in the screenshot.
After you connected your discord and wallet, you can now paste the wallet address in your Fin Wallet, just like in the screenshot. Just simply click “Next”
After that, this message should appear indicating that the SEI testnet tokens have been sent to your FIN WALLET on SEI TESTNET.
The Faucet will give you 5 $SEI daily on your wallet. If you want to get more SEI test tokens, join YAKS's Discord.
You can use that for swapping or providing liquidity.

Step 4 [Swapping Tokens]

Here are the tokens that you can swap with at the moment.

Step 5 [Providing Liquidity]

On the top left of the website you should be able to see the word “Liquidity” Just click that and click “Pools”
Click the Arrow on the right and the “Enter” button will appear, click that to expand more options.
In this section, always take note that when providing liquidity, it will be in 50/50 ratio.
Go ahead and click “Deposit” tab
We will provide liquidity in 50/50 ratio.
After clicking the Deposit section you will see this page. (Make sure you have swapped some SEI Tokens to YAKA Tokens)
After clicking the “Deposit” button. There will be some contracts that you need to approve in your wallet, just accept those and you should see this page afterwards.
After the deposit has been successful. Go ahead to “My Position” To check your position.
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